Characteristics of Water Cooled Scroll Chiller
1. Superior performance
World famous semi-hermetic screw compressor and other key parts.
High efficiency shell and tube heat exchangers.
2. Intelligent control
Screw water cooled water chiller can be designed with fully automatic computer control system, standby manual operating system.
Intelligent program control: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or stepless energy control.
3. Multiple protection functions
Pressure protection, including high and low-pressure protection
Motor protection, including voltage-loss protection, phase-loss protection, inverse phase protection and internal over-heat protection      
With anti-frozen protection, the unit will stop running in case of excessively low chilled water temperature.
All the above protections ensure the unit safe and reliable.
4. Wide application
The water source temperature range for the chiller is 8~35℃
This water chiller can provide 7℃ chilled water in cooling, 45℃ hot water in heating, as well as 50℃ domestic hot water.
Besides, high temperature water chillers can provide maximum 60 ℃ hot water for use in heat sink or other places where heat source is needed.
5. Cooling capacity
150~4000 kw