Characteristics of Air Cooled Scroll Chiller
1. Intelligent control, efficient and energy saving
Advanced microcomputer control technology is adopted for the automatic control of our modular air cooled water chiller. With the microcomputer control system, PID calculation can be achieved according to the signal and the given values and the start or shutdown of at most 32 modules can be controlled.
2. Optional remote monitoring function
The new microcomputer control system has remote monitoring function. It offers reserved communication interface to connect to the central monitoring computer to realize automatic remote monitoring.
3. Wide scope of working
The air cooled water chiller can heat at -5℃ environmental temperature and cool at 50℃ temperature.
4. Low running noise
This water chiller is made of high quality acoustic materials and fitted with compressor anti-vibrating device. The condenser fan is designed with spiral axial-flow blades, ensuring large air quantity and small vibration.
5. Heat recovery devices (Optional)
This water chiller can provide cool water in summer, hot water in winter, and sanitary hot water.
6. Cooling capacity