Characteristics of Air Cooled Mini Chiller
1. High configuration, low cost
Both single and dual system units are fitted with expansion tanks and water pumps, improving the reliability of water system. This helps to reduce your project investment cost as well as your maintenance cost.
2. Intelligent control
Advanced computer control system. This system can conduct overall control over the water chiller. For example, through the multi-point control function, this control system can control the start and shutdown of the main machine. The main machine will start when any terminal device gives the order to start and will shut down when all terminal devices give the order to shutdown. The chief control point can be set at any room to realize the priority control of the unit.
3. Low running noise
Superior ultra-low noise axial flow fan, multi-level stainless steel centrifugal water pump and other advanced noise reduction techniques are adopted to lower the running noise of air conditioner.
4. Wide range of application
Its cooling capacity is 7~39kw. This water chiller can offer 3-15℃ chilled water and 35-54℃ hot water.
5. Easy installation and maintenance
Our mini air cooled water chiller can be erected on balcony, on roof, on the ground or other ventilated places. No special machine room is needed.