Characteristics of Air Source Heat Pump
1. Environment friendly and energy saving
Since air source heat pump water heater absorbs heat from natural air and can produce more than 3-6 kilowatt hour heat when it consumes 1 kilowatt hour electric energy, it can help you save 50-80% electric charge. Besides, our air source heat pump water heater can be installed in garage, balcony or other places, and will not take up effective building area.
2. Safe
With high and low-pressure protection, over-current and overload compressor protection, start delay protection, water short protection, ultra-high temperature protection, and so on, this unit is free from safety problems caused by current leakage, dry burning, and ultra-high temperature, etc.
3. Convenient
Exclusive modular design, 16 units can be combined together at the most, with maximum heating capacity up to 1120KW.
The water heating equipment can start, shut down and defrost automatically. The maximum outlet water temperature is 60-70℃.
4. Durable
Designed with high quality heat pump compressor of world-famous factory and three-layer electrostatic spraying shell, our air source heat pump water heater is durable.
5. Wide scope of application
Air source heat pump water heaters are applicable for hotels, villas, hair salons, bathing places, indoor swimming pools, factories, culturing farms, and other places to provide hot water.