Characteristics of Ducted Split Unit
1. Wide range application
Ducted split air conditioner is suitable for high class commercial and residential buildings, markets, offices, cinemas, restaurants, schools, agencies, etc. Its cooling capacity is 7.8~156kw.
2. Various types
Ceiling mounted duct type (HAD), floor standing duct type (HAL), free standing type (HAM).
3. Quiet and comfortable
Ultra low noise design, thermal and acoustic insulation materials. Outdoor unit uses new type propeller fans, which makes air flow smoothly between the blades, thus reducing noise caused by the eddy current.
4. Most modern control
Simplified operation interface, it senses and adjusts temperature automatically, controls the system intellectually, and has functions of self-detection, making the operation and maintenance simpler and easier.
5. Excellent indoor air quality
You can introduce fresh air according to the requirements of indoor air quality.