Characteristics of Water Soure Heat Pump (Water-Air)
1. Application
Heat pump type, water source temperature 15-30℃
Integrated unit (HWSY) and split unit (HWSFY) are available for your option. Cooling capacity is 9.8~150kw.
2. Charge per house
The water-source heat pump unit can be connected to user’s ammeter and the user will be liable for own air conditioning and heating charges. The energy consumption of the cooling tower or heating device can be apportioned to houses and charged as per their ammeter readings.
3. No central machine room, low investment
This air conditioner is assembled in factory and is charged with refrigerating. It is easy to install and does not need machine room.
4. Flexible applications
The user may select cooling or heating, or partial cooling or partial heating in view of the season or the actual necessity, and the heat efficiency of this air conditioning system will not be affected by outdoor temperature.