Technical Advantages of HQ series Heat Recovery Unit (HRU)
1. Large range of air volume
The air volume ranges from 1000CMH to 140000CMH, so your different requirements can be satisfied.
2. High heat exchange efficiency
HQ series paper core heat exchange air handling unit adopts advanced countercurrent flow design which offers longer heat exchange time for air. Meanwhile, the grid-style air vent greatly enlarges the heat exchange area. Thus, the heat exchange efficiency of VM is 5%-10% higher than that of cross flow unit.
3. Long service life
This air handling unit adopts ABS frame structure which is solid and durable, making the service life of this unit double that of cross flow unit.
4. Stable performance, easy maintenance
VM module air vent design can help prevent dust effectively. When a primary filter is used, it just needs to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain the performance indexes of heat exchange efficiency.
5. High static-pressure double air-intake centrifugal fan, low noise and high reliability.

Applications of Heat Recovery Unit (HRU)
Our paper core heat exchange air handling units are quite suitable for use in hotels, factories where there is polluted dust, and some other places where fresh air and heat recovery are needed.